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For product-related questions, please click here: Elektrobit Support

In urgent cases you can call our support line during business hours.
Please choose the appropriate support line based on your region and product line:

Region Product(s) Call Number
North America all +1-888-346-3813
Japan all +81-3-6421-7140
China all +86-10-6781-7020 ext 206
Europe EB Assist ADTF +49-9131-7701-7777
Europe EB GUIDE +49-9131-7701-6555
Europe EB street director +49-9131-7701-6592
Europe EB robinos +49 9131 -7701- 8801
Europe EB tresos
Other products

Flexera Licensing Portal Support
The Flexera customer service organization is dedicated to helping you take full advantage of your licensing service.

For questions regarding your account, contact Flexera by Email via
or call 1-408-642-3965 (outside the U.S.) or 1-888-715-4687 (within the U.S.).

For urgent matters outside of U.S. business hours, you can page the on-call support representative by calling the phone numbers listed above.

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